Drivers for Mouses

In the world of computers, a mouse is that device that helps in detecting two dimensional motional related to the surface. It is a point device that lets this motion be translated into pointer’s motion, which is visible on display and allows fine control or graphical user interface as well.

Talking of its physical appearance, mouse is an object that one can hold in his hand. It has one or more buttons. A mouse also has other elements like touch surfaces as well as ‘wheels’ that allow additional control as well as dimensional output to the user.

The term ‘mouse’ was published in the publication of Bill English’s ‘Computer Aided Display Control’, which was published and distributed in the year 1965.

According to the Oxford Dictionaries online, the plural for this small rodent ‘mouse’ is ‘mice’. It also states that the device connected to computer may have its plural as ‘mouses’ or even ‘mice’. However, the most common plural for mouse is mice and when it was used for the first time in a publication, its plural was ‘mice’ and not ‘mouses’ (although the dictionary talks about 1984’s use of the term ‘mice’, there were several earlier usages as well like ‘The Computer as a Communication Device’, published in 1968 by J. C. R. Licklider). The fifth edition of American Heritage Dictionary of English Language, the common plurals for this term can either be ‘mice’ or ‘mouses’ as well.

Here are manufacturers of Mouses, drivers for which you can download on our website. 18418 drivers for 874 devices from 27 manufacturers, you can download absolutely free of charge. Select the desired device, the manufacturer or the device ID.

Top Vendors of Mouses

Top Models of Mouses

# Vendor Device Name
1 EGalaxTouch USB Touchscreen Controller(EMR4833)
2 EGalaxTouch USB Touchscreen Controller(EMR48F2)
3 EGalaxTouch USB Touchscreen Controller(72C8)
4 Dell Premium Tilt Wheel Mouse
5 EGalaxTouch USB Touchscreen Controller(EMR48FE)
6 Logicool Logicool MX900 Bluetooth Optical Mouse
7 Microsoft Microsoft-compatible serial mouse
8 EGalaxTouch USB Touchscreen Controller(EMR48B0)
9 EGalaxTouch USB Touchscreen Controller(7249)
10 Alps Alps Pointing-device (2-way) for 17-Inch Wide LCD
11 EGalaxTouch USB Touchscreen Controller(724D)
12 Synaptics Dummysectionforwhql2
13 EGalaxTouch USB Touchscreen Controller(72AF)
14 EGalaxTouch USB Touchscreen Controller(72DF)
15 EGalaxTouch USB Touchscreen Controller(7234)
16 Logicool Logicool HID-compliant G700 Gaming Mouse
17 Logitech Logitech MouseMan Wheel Serial
18 Microsoft Microsoft USB Dual Receiver Wireless Mouse (IntelliPoint)
19 EGalaxTouch USB Touchscreen Controller(725D)
20 Logicool HID-compliant Laser TiltWheel Mouse
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