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In the world of computer networking, the application that runs at network application layer and above the name, providing data storage, presentation, manipulation, interaction and other abilities that is generally provided with the help of using a client service or network protocols of P2P (peer to peer) application layer, is called as a network service.

The server component that runs on computers) generally a dedicated service computer that offers various services) provides every service and this service is accessed through a network that run on client components on other devices. But the service components as well as client may both run on the same machine itself.

Services and clients often have user interface and also other hardware related to them.

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Top Vendors of Network Services & Protocols

Top Models of Network Services & Protocols

# Vendor Device Name
1 Microsoft Realtek LANPkt Protocol
2 Compaq Token-Ring Ring Status Statistics Protocol
3 Symbol Symbol Kerberos NP
4 3Com 3Com Diagnostic Communciation Module (Do Not Delete)
5 3Com Dynamic Access Protocol
6 Microsoft PCDRNDISUIO Usermode I/O Protocol
7 WS Wireless Intermediate Driver
8 Compaq HP Network Teaming and Configuration
9 Realtek Realtek Teaming Protocol Driver (NDIS 6.0)
10 VIA VIA Network Services Protocol
11 Meetinghouse Data Communications AEGIS Protocol (IEEE 802.1x) v3.3.0.6
12 Hewlett Packard HP Network Teaming and Configuration
13 NT Kernel Resources WinpkFilter LightWeight Filter
14 Intel Intel(R) Ethernet FCoE Protocol Driver
15 DJJ DJJ NDIS Usermode I/O Protocol
16 Realtek Realtek NDIS Protocol Driver
17 Meetinghouse Data Communications AEGIS Protocol (IEEE 802.1x) v2.3.1.6
18 3Com 3Com TCAATDI Diagnostic TDI
19 Realtek Realtek VLAN Intermediate Driver
20 BUFFALO BUFFALO Wireless Configuration
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