Drivers for SCSI Adapters

A device that is used for the purpose of connection with one or more SCSI devices to the bus of computer is known as SCSI host adapter. It is popularly known as SCSI controller; however, it is not strictly known about which component understanding SCSI protocol can be termed as a controller. Therefore, all SCSI devices have got controller of SCSI created into them, whereas host adapters (excluding CD ROM or hard disk) may bear the responsibility to transfer data between the input/output bus of the computer and SCSI bus. These adapters are worthy ones for FireWire Ports.

Most of the modern SCSI host adapters are nothing but PCI cards, either 64 bit or 32 bit ones. Earlier, these were dependent on 16 bit ISA bus or even the 32 bit VESA as well as EISA buses. This is common for the host adaptor of SCSI to be created into the motherboard of the PC, as an important internal part. However, this makes the board very expensive and it is mostly observed that this host adapter is bought as a separate component, due to which it can be replaced or transferred easily.

Here are manufacturers of SCSI adapters, drivers for which you can download on our website. 41731 drivers for 1576 devices from 51 manufacturers, you can download absolutely free of charge. Select the desired device, the manufacturer or the device ID.

Top Vendors of SCSI Adapters

Top Models of SCSI Adapters

# Vendor Device Name
1 Marvell Marvell 91xx SATA 6G Controller
2 Intel Intel(R) 82801GR/GH SATA RAID Controller
3 Microsoft Adaptec AIC-7892 Ultra160/m PCI SCSI Card
4 Promise WinNT Promise FastTrak100 (tm) Controller
5 Adaptec Adaptec AIC-9405 SAS/SATA Controller
6 ULi ULi SATA/RAID Controller (M1573)
7 LSI LSI Adapter, SAS2 2108 Liberator ROC -StorPort
8 LSI LSI Logic MegaRAID Enterprise 1600 RAID Controller
9 Microsoft Adaptec AHA-151X/AHA-152X or AIC-6260/AIC-6360 SCSI Host Adapter
10 Emulex Emulex LightPulse 7000 - Storport Miniport Driver
11 Advanced Micro Devices AMD AHCI Compatible RAID Controller - HP5850
12 Adaptec Adaptec SCSI Card 39160/3960D - Ultra160 SCSI
13 VIA VIA RAID Controller - 3149
14 Promise Win2000 Promise FastTrak 376 (tm) Controller
15 LSI LSI Logic 1035 Ultra320 SCSI Adapter
16 Highpoint RocketRAID 154x/1640 Controller
17 Silicon Image Silicon Image SiI 3114 SATARaid Controller
18 Promise WinNT Promise Ultra100 (tm) IDE Controller
19 Adaptec 3000S Ultra3 Dual Channel
20 LSI Intel(R) RAID Controller RS3DC080
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