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A circuit that allows CPU to ‘interact’ with the hard disk, floppy disk or similar disk drive is called as the disk controller.

Earlier, the typical disk controllers were identified with the help of their storage methods as well as data encoding process as well. They were implemented on different controller card. MFM (Modified Frequency Modulation) controllers were commonly found in small computers, used for both hard disk as well as floppy disk drives. RLL (Run Length Limited) controllers made the use of data compression process to raise storage capacity by 50%, approximately. A proprietary storage algorithm that could recheck disk storage was designed and created by Priam. SASI (Shugart Associates Systems Interface) acted as SCSI’s predecessor.

Currently, the modern disk controllers are fixed into disk drive. For an instance, disks known as ‘SCSI disks’ currently have SCSI controllers that are built in. Earlier, before most of the SCSI controller functions were implemented in a single chip, different SCSI controllers were used to interface disks to the bus of SCSI.

At present, PATA (IDE) as well as Serial ATA for home purposes are the most commonly found types of interfaces found. Various high end disks use SCSI, Serial Attached or Fibre Channel SCSI. Flash memory timing access can be controlled with the help of disk controllers. This flash memory is not mechanical in nature at all (which means it is not a physical disk).

Here are manufacturers of Hard disk controllers, drivers for which you can download on our website. 4294 drivers for 522 devices from 37 manufacturers, you can download absolutely free of charge. Select the desired device, the manufacturer or the device ID.

Top Vendors of Hard Disk Controllers

Top Models of Hard Disk Controllers

# Vendor Device Name
1 ScanLogic ScanLogic/Century Corporation uATA Ver 3.0
2 Intel Intel(R) 8 Series/C220 Series 2 port Serial ATA Storage Controller - 8C08
3 Intel Intel(R) 2 port Serial ATA Storage Controller 1 - 2921
4 Intel LynxPoint SATA Controller 1 (Non-AHCI/Non-RAID) - Mobile - 8C01
5 SiS SiS 180 IDE Dual Channel
6 Intel Intel(R) ICH8 2 port Serial ATA Storage Controller - 2825
7 Intel LynxPoint SATA Controller 2 (Non-AHCI/Non-RAID (ports 4,5)) - 8C08
8 Advanced Micro Devices AMD-756 PCI Bus Master IDE Controller V8.2.8
9 NVidia Primary nForce™ IDE Channel
10 Microsoft USB Mass Storage Device
11 NVidia NVIDIA nForce3 Parallel-Serial ATA Bridged Controller (v2.7)
12 Microsoft Intel(R) 82801AB Bus Master IDE Controller
13 Intel Intel(R) ICH7-M Family Serial ATA Storage Controller - 27C4
14 Intel Intel(R) PBG Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller 1 - 1D82
15 Intel Intel(R) ICH6 Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 2650
16 Intel Intel(R) 6300ESB Ultra ATA Storage/SATA Controller - 25A3
17 VIA VIA Bus Master IDE Controller - 0581
18 Intel Intel(R) CPT Chipset Family 6 Port SATA AHCI Controller - 1C03
19 NVidia NVIDIA CK804 Parallel ATA Controller (v2.7)
20 Intel Intel(R) 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family 4 port Serial ATA Storage Controller - 1E00
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