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The data storage drive consisting of flash memory with an internal USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface is known as a USB flash drive. These drivers are removable and rewritable as well, and appear smaller than an optical disc. Most of the USB flash drives weigh less than 30 grams (that is 1.1 oz). By the month of January, 2013, around 512 GB (gigabytes) USB drives were available. At the Consumer Electronics Show in 2013, a one Terabyte (TB) drive was introduced that became available in the market the same year. Soon, USBs with storage capacities that would be as large as 2 TB are currently planned with various improvements in size and price. Some of the drives also let you enjoy 100,000 write and erase cycles. However, this depends on the kind of memory chip used. These devices have storage time of 10 year shelf.

USB drives are generally used for similar purposes for which floppy disks or CDs were used, that are for the purposes of storage, transfer of computer files and back up as well. They are small, quicker and have more capacity than CDs and are even more reliable and durable as they don’t have any moving parts. Moreover, they are not influenced by magnetic interference (whereas floppy disks are influenced by the same) and are not at all harmed by surface scratches as well. Till the year 2005, most laptops as well as desktop computers were provided with floppy disk drives along with USB ports but now floppy disk drives are not widely used since they have lower capacity when compared to USB drives.

USB mass storage standard is used by USB flash drives and these are supported by modern operation systems like OS X, Linus, UNIX, Windows, BIOS boot ROMs, etc. These drives with USB 2.0 feature can store larger data and transfer quicker than several larger optical disc drives like DVD RW or CD RW drives. These drives can be read by several systems like Xbox 360, DVD players, handheld devices like smartphones, tablet computers, Plat station 3, etc., although SD card is better for such devices.

Small printed circuit board consisting of various circuit elements, USB connector, electrically insulated and protected in a metal, rubber or plastic case that can be carried anywhere like a key chain, are some things that a flash drive has. The removable cap may be given to protect the USB connector or it is generally done by retracting it into the drive’s body. However, even if it is not protected, it doesn’t get damaged easily. Most of the flash drives have type A USB connected that lets the drive connect with the port on a PC, however, there’s an existence of drives for other interfaces as well. With the help of a USB connection, USB flash drives gather power to work. Some of the devices club the digital audio player function with USB flash storage. Such devices need a better battery when they are used to play music for users.

Here are manufacturers of USB devices, drivers for which you can download on our website. 24401 drivers for 3147 devices from 143 manufacturers, you can download absolutely free of charge. Select the desired device, the manufacturer or the device ID.

Top Vendors of USB Devices

Top Models of USB Devices

# Vendor Device Name
1 Sony Sony Ericsson P1 PC-Connect Controller
2 USB Mass Storage (UISDMC2W) Device Driver
3 Microsoft Dispositivo USB compuesto SUPERGATE
4 Generic Generic SmartMedia USB Card Reader
5 Sony Sony Ericsson W950 PC-Connect Controller
6 Microsoft Uniwersalny kontroler hosta Intel 82372FB PCI do USB
7 Qualcomm HP USB Composite Device
8 Intel Standard OpenHCI USB Host Controller
9 Sierra Wireless Sierra Wireless MC8765 Device
10 Microsoft Dispositivo composto USB CICT Philips Semiconductors
11 Microsoft Koncentrator USB ogólnego zastosowania
12 Conexant Conexant UCM92 Data Fax RTAM USB Modem
13 Hewlett Packard Hp officejet 9100 series (dot4usb)
14 Microsoft Contrôleur d'hôte ouvert PCI vers USB AMD 756
15 Microsoft Koncentrator USB firmy Sand
16 ZTE ZTE Diagnostics 6000
17 Microsoft Computer Access Technology Corporation USB hub
18 Hewlett Packard Hp color laserjet cm4730 mfp (dot4usb)
19 Microsoft Σύνθετη συσκευή Philips Semiconductors CICT USB
20 Hewlett Packard Hp photosmart 7800 series (dot4usb)
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