uPlay vs Origin

In PC gaming, online stores have largely replaced retail. The major ones have their own software packages that manage downloads, instant messaging, and the actual shopping experience.

Install Windows 8.1 Your box is built, time to use it!

Installin Windows 8.1 is a snap, but for the uninitiated, it can be a scary task. We'll walk you through the basics of getting an OS onto your drive.

Overclocking 101 Because factory settings are for wussies

Out of the box, our quad-core Intel Core i5-4670K CPU will run at 3.4GHz. But when a task doesn't need all four cores at once, the chip will engage a "turbo" mode and push to 3.8GHz on one or two cores.

Budget AC Router Roundup

Early adopters should be allowed to wear a special badge in public. That way, we can identify the brave souls who overpaid for immature technology and thank them for fast-pacing the process of getting next-generation hardware out into the market.

LOW-RENT RIDES Budget doesn't have to mean junk

Cheap cases. They're not as scary as the phrase implies, even though we acknowledge that the lower end of the case spectrum can deliver some real clunkers.

Eurocom M4. Turns out 3K is just OK

WHILE 4K MAY be all the rage these days, we've yet to see that resolution grace the screens of our gaming laptop panels. The next best thing, however, may be here.

Aspire Switch 10. Not quite ready to steal the crown

IF AMAZON'S LIST Of best-selling laptops is any indication, there's a quite a market for Windows 8.1 convertible laptops-and as of late, the lion's share of buyers has been sinking their money into Asus's Transformer Book T100.

Minix Neo X8-H. Lots of promise, not as much fulfillment

EVERY NOW AND THEN, a product comes along that gives a glimmer of what could be. In the case of the Minix Neo X8-H, that's the future of using Android mini-PCs as streaming set-top boxes.

Zalman Reserator 3 Max Dual. Size isn't everything

AMONG PC BUILDERS, Zalman is practically legendary. The company was the pioneer in the design of beautiful copper air coolers that offered both low temperatures and low noise.

Divinity: Original Sin. A flawed, but challenging RPG romp

IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A modern-day recreation of the Baldur's Gate series-or, really, any of those isometric Infinity Engine games of yesteryear-then Divinity: Original Sin might appear as if it has the potential to satisfy your old-school gaming urges, at first glance. In many ways, it does.

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