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A modulator-demodulator, popularly known as modem, is a device that helps in modulating analog carrier signal for the process of encoding digital information and decoding the information that has been transmitted. The main aim of this device is to create a signal that can be easily transmitted as well as decoded for the reproduction of original digital data. Modems can be used in each and every thing that needs to undertake the process of transmitting analog signals from LED (light emitting diodes) to radio. A basic model type is the one that turns the computer’s digital data into modulated electrical signal for the purpose of transmission over telephone lines and then demodulated by another modem right at the side of the receiver in order to recover digital data.

These devices are usually distinguished by the data amount that they can send in a particular time unit, generally expressed in bps (bits per second) (symbol bit/s), or even bytes per second (the symbol of which is B/s). Modems can also be distinguished on the basis of their symbol rate, which is measured in baud. Symbols per second, or number of times modem sends a new signal every second, are denoted by baud unit. For an instance, ITU V.21 standard used the shift keying of audio frequency with two possible frequencies, which corresponded to two different symbols (or even one bit per symbol), for the purpose of carrying 300 bits every second using 300 baud. Contrastingly, the original standard of ITU V.22, which could be used for transmitting and receiving four distinct symbols (that is two bits per symbol), used phase shift keying to transmit 1,200 bits with the help of sending 600 symbols every second (600 baud).

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Top Vendors of Modems

Top Models of Modems

# Vendor Device Name
1 Microsoft 56K PC Card Data Fax Modem
2 Nokia Nokia E66 USB Modem
3 Nokia Nokia 6750 Bluetooth Modem
4 Qualcomm Qualcomm HS-USB Modem 9001
5 Nokia Nokia 6300 Bluetooth Modem
6 Nokia Nokia 2630 Bluetooth Modem
7 Novatel Dell Wireless 5720 TELUS Mobile Broadband (EVDO Rev-A) Minicard
8 ESS ESS ES56T-PI Data Fax Voice Modem
10 Nokia Nokia 5310 XpressMusic USB Modem
11 Nokia Nokia 6600 slide Bluetooth Modem
12 Sony Sony Ericsson P990 USB Modem
13 Nokia Nokia 6620 IrDA
14 Qualcomm Qualcomm USB Modem 31AE
15 Samsung Samsung Mobile Data Modem Device
16 Nokia Nokia 3250 Bluetooth Modem
17 Microsoft D-Link DSB-560 USB V.90 56K Fax Modem
18 3Com Compaq Global MiniPCI 56K (V.90) Modem by 3COM
20 PCtel HSP56 MR-8640
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