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CPU (Central Processing Unit, earlier known as a Central Processor Unit) is the hardware that exists within every computer. It carries out different computer program instructions by performing the basic logical, arithmetical as well as input/output system operations. This term has been used in the computer industry since the early years of 1960s. The CPU design, form as well as implementation have changed with time although their functions and operations remain almost similar.

More than one CPU can be attached in a computer system. This is known as multiprocessing. All the modern CPUs are stated as ‘microprocessors’, which means that they contain only a single chip in themselves. Some of the ICs can have several CPUs on single chips; such ICs are known as multi core processors. An IC that has a CPU may also have peripheral devices and other computer system components as well; this is known as a SoC (System on a Chip).

CPU’s two typical components are – ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) that lets logical as well as arithmetic operations – and – the CU (Control Unit) that extracts different instructions from memory and then decodes as well as executes them with the help of ALU, wherever required.

All computer systems do not depend on CPUs. A vector or array processor has several parallel computing elements, with no unit that can be called ‘center’. Problems are resolved with the help of a distributed interconnected processor set, in distributed computer model.

Here are manufacturers of Processors, drivers for which you can download on our website. 846 drivers for 39 devices from 3 manufacturers, you can download absolutely free of charge. Select the desired device, the manufacturer or the device ID.

Top Vendors of Processors

Top Models of Processors

# Vendor Device Name
1 Advanced Micro Devices Procesor AMD K8
2 Advanced Micro Devices AMD Processor
3 Advanced Micro Devices Processador AMD K8
4 Advanced Micro Devices AMD K8 processzor
5 Microsoft Intel GV3 Эюlemcisi
6 Advanced Micro Devices Procesor AMD Athlon64
7 Advanced Micro Devices AMD K8-prosessor
8 Advanced Micro Devices Procesador AMD Athlon64
9 Microsoft Intel GV3 processzor
10 Advanced Micro Devices AMD K8 Processor
11 Microsoft Processeur Intel GV3
12 Microsoft Processador Intel GV3
13 Microsoft Processore Intel GV3
14 Advanced Micro Devices AMD K8 Эюlemci
15 Advanced Micro Devices Processeur AMD K8
16 Advanced Micro Devices Procesador AMD K8
17 Advanced Micro Devices AMD Athlon64 Эюlemci
18 Advanced Micro Devices AMD Athlon64 процессор
19 Advanced Micro Devices AMD Athlon64-Prozessor
20 Advanced Micro Devices AMD Athlon64-prosessor
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