Photo management: XnView. Picasa’s offline alternative

Google’s Picasa is still quite a popular among the free photo managers. But an alternative is urgently required since Google has by default transported the Picasa web albums linked to the software in the image gallery of the Google+ profile.

Vimeo. Class instead of the YouTube mass

While YouTube is the largest goldmine for videos, Vimeo (vimeo. com) follows another approach. Founded by film makers ten years ago, Vimeo has established itself as a platform for high-value short films, documentations and animation films that are mostly produced in HD.

OpenStreetMap. More detailed and up-to-date than Maps

OpenStreetMap ( is a free world map, offers much more than Google Maps for larger locations. In the map view, OpenStreetMap (OSM) shows house numbers or the type of shops in a building and the information is more up-to-date than in Google Maps.

Office: Zoho Docs. More functions than Google Drive

Zoho Docs ( is part of the comprehensive Zoho Suite. Although it is primarily designed for companies, the basic version is free to use. Smarter and clearer than Gmaill

With Hotmail’s successor, Microsoft has shown how a modern webmail client can look.

SRWare Iron. Chrome technology with data protection

Iron is based on the same programme code as Chrome. But unlike Google’s browser, it refrains from unambiguous user identification and does not forward the address bar entries to Google.

Qwant. Online search without ad tracking

Besides Android, the web search is the largest data source for Google. Everything we search, what we are interested in, is used by Google for personalised advertising.

CyanogenMod. Free your smartphone from the shackles of Android

Delayed or no updates, forced login from a Google account, many pre-installed and often redundant apps from Google and the manufacturers – the standard Android can be quite a nuisance.

iPad air aLternative

SimiLar tO Android phones, Samsung has flooded the tablet space too. The recent launch being the Tab S, that looks like a bigger sibling of the Galaxy S5 smartphone.

Worth Considering

A pOpuLar name in the computing space, ASUS once used to sell Windows smartphones in India too. It is now back in action with its Zen- Fone smartphones.

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