Drivers for NAS Devices

NAS (or Network Attached Storage) is computer data storage that is file level. It is connected to the network of computer that allows data access to several groups of clients. It not only operates as a service for files but also specializes for task either by its software, hardware or element configuration. It is generally manufactured as an appliance of computer, which is specially built from group up for the purpose of storing as well as serving files. This computer is not the general one that is used by every individual.

NAS have gained immense fame as of 2010 since they act as convenient and affordable methods to share files among different computers. The most important advantage of these devices is that they are network attached storages and, as compared to file services, are faster in accessing data, easy in administrating and simple in terms of configuration.

The NAS systems contain one or multiple hard drives, generally arranged into logical and redundant storage contains, also known as RAID. Storage that is network attaches removes file serving responsibility from network’s other servers available. They allow an access to files with the help of network file sharing protocols like AFP, NFS and SMB/CIFS.

Always note that the NAS hard drives have similar functions like other drivers but may come with different firmware, power dissipation and vibration tolerance features to let them be more suitable to be used in RAID arrays, which are at times used in the implementations of NAS. For an instance, some versions of NAS drives support the command extension feature, disabling extended error recovery. In an application that is non-RAID, it is important for a disk drive to reach greater lengths to read problematic storage block successfully, even though it takes a few seconds. In a RAID array that is properly configured, recovery of single bad block on single drive can be done with the help of redundancy encoded across the set of RAID. The RAID controller might flag ‘down’ the drive if it spends various seconds executing various retries. However, it is replies instantly stating that the data block had some checksum error, redundant data available on other drivers may be used by RAID controller to rectify the error and work without hurdles. Such NAS SATA hard drive can easily be used as the computer’s internal hard drive, without any adjustments required as it supports various options and is possibly built with a higher quality standard (especially if it has higher quotes MTBF figures as well as higher rates) than the usual consumer drive available in the market.

Here are manufacturers of NAS devices, drivers for which you can download on our website. 4 drivers for 2 devices from 1 manufacturers, you can download absolutely free of charge. Select the desired device, the manufacturer or the device ID.

Top Vendors of NAS Devices

Top Models of NAS Devices

# Vendor Device Name
1 Microsoft DNS-343 4-Bay Network Storage Enclosure
2 Microsoft D-Link Network Storage Enclosure
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