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A video recorder can be said to be of related devices: DVR (Digital Video Recorder); PVR (Personal Video Recorder).

A digital video recorder (DVR) is also known by its merchandising term called personal video recorder. It is nothing but a consumer application software or electronics device that instantly records video to a disk drive, SD memory card, USB flash drive, SSD or similar local or different networked mass storage devices, into digital format. This term includes the use of set top boxes (STB) with the recording facility of ‘direct to disk’, recording feature in portable media players, camcorder recorders (PMR) that record information on Secure Digital memory cards and personal computer software that allows video capturing as well as playback to as well as from a particular hard disk drive. A TV set with in-built digital video recording facilities was brought in by LG brand in the year 2007, followed by several other producers.

A DVD recorder is nothing but an optical disc recorder, which undertakes technologies of optical disc recording to digitally record analog and/or digital signals on to different black writable/rewritable DVD media. These devices are either available as computer installable drivers or as simple standalone components for the purpose of TV studies as different home theater systems.

All latest tuner equipped TV devices produced or important in the U.S. need to include ATSC tuner as implied from 1st of Marsh, 2007. The US FCC (United States’ Federal Communications Commission) has interpreted the rule widely, including different apparatus like computers with in-built TV tuner cards enabling video capture capability, standalone DVD recorders as well as videocassette recorders. NTSC DVD recorders are, thus, going through a period of transformation, by either adding digital ATSC tuner or taking off ‘over the air’ broadcast TV tuner ability, completely. But analog audio as well as video can be recorded by these DVD recorders.

Here are manufacturers of Videorecorders, drivers for which you can download on our website. 13 drivers for 9 devices from 3 manufacturers, you can download absolutely free of charge. Select the desired device, the manufacturer or the device ID.

Top Vendors of Videorecorders

Top Models of Videorecorders

# Vendor Device Name
1 Cap Co., Ltd. MP3000 (ENC)
2 Cap Co., Ltd. ECPR Core Driver
3 Cap Co., Ltd. MP2000 (ENC)
4 Cap Co., Ltd. ECPR480-16 / ECPR240-16
5 Cap Co., Ltd. MP3000 (CAP)
6 Geovision Inc. GVMP2
7 Cap Co., Ltd. ECPR120-4 / MP2000 (CAP)
8 Geovision Inc. GVMP2 NULL
9 GeoVision Co GV-1480 Series
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