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An input device that has a stick attached to a base, reporting its direction or angle to the controlling device, is known as a joystick. Also known as control column, a joystick is the most important controlling device in several military and civilian aircraft cockpits. It is either used as a center or side stick. It generally has supplementary switches that allow controlling different aspects of the flight of aircraft.

Joysticks are generally used to have a control on video games, and are usually built with one or more push buttons that have a state, readable by computers. On modern video game consoles, the most famous variation of joystick is the analog stick. These devices are also used for having a control on different machines like trucks, cranes, underwater unmanned vehicles, surveillance cameras, wheelchairs and lawn moves that are with zero turning radius feature. Finger operated joysticks that are known as miniatures of actual joysticks are adopted as input devices for various smaller electronic equipment, including cell phones.

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Top Vendors of Joysticks & Game Devices

Top Models of Joysticks & Game Devices

# Vendor Device Name
1 Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
2 Creative Creative Gameport Joystick
3 Microsoft Microsoft Common Controller For Windows
4 Microsoft PC Wireless Gaming Receiver
5 Creative Creative MultiMedia Interface
6 Microsoft XBOX 360 Controller For Windows
7 Creative Creative SB16 Emulation
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