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Physics engine that is proprietary realtime middleware SDK is called PhysX. NovodeX, the ETH Zurich spin off, authored PhysX. In the year 2004, Ageia acquired NovodeX and in February, 2008, Nvidia acquired Ageia.

PhysX may also refer to the expansion card of PPU, which is designed by Ageia to boost video games enabled by PhysX.

Video games that support PhysX hardware acceleration can either be accelerated by PhysX PPU or GeForce GPU, which is CUDA enabled (this can be done only if it has minimum 256MB of dedicated VRAM), therefore offloading the calculations of physics from CPU, letting it perform other tasks instead of the basic ones.

The game developers are freed from middleware physics engines from writing their own code that implements Newtonian physics (classical mechanics) to do things like body dynamics. This is one of the handiest physics engines used in majority of games today.

PhysX engine and SDK are now available for OS X, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Linux, Xbox, Wii and Playstation 4. The developers are provided with PhysX SDK for free for commercial as well as non-commercial use on their Windows. However, for OX X, Linux and Android platforms, PhysX SDK is available for free only for educational as well as non-commercial purposes.

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