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About Videocodecs

Video codec is a software or device that allows digital video compression or decompression. The format of this compressed data is attached to the specification of video compression. This compression is generally discarded. Historically, magnetic tape was responsible to have analog signal stored on it. During the time when compact disc entered the market with a bang as a replacement for analog audio by digital format, it was possible to start storing as well as using a particular video in digitalized form, and several of similar technologies began to evolve.

Video as well as audio need customized compression methods. Mathematicians and engineers have tried different solutions for handling this problem or situation.

There is a complicated relationship between the quality of video, data quantity required to represent the quality (popularly known as ‘bit rate’), encoding as well as decoding algorithms’ complexity, strength to gather the lost data and rectify errors, editing easiness, random access and every end to end delay.

List of Videocodecs

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