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Despite the tremendous progress in the development of PC monitors, manufacturers are not in a hurry everywhere to integrate their products webcam. Due to the increasing popularity of online video applications, the demand for such useful device increases exponentially. This is due to their portability, elegant design and universal compatibility with both desktop and mobile PCs, thanks to the support interface of USB.

Even the novice user is able to install a webcam on computer. For this purpose, it is necessary to connect to the free high-speed port and install the drivers for the USB video device. In most cases, manufacturers offer special software CD; if it is absent, the necessary drivers can always be found on the Internet.

In order to get started with a web-cam (or other video device), the first thing the computer should detect it. To check whether the system reveals the new equipment, it is possible in the "Scanners and Cameras" in the main menu. Once the system detects a device, opens a window requiring installation compatible with the OS drivers. After installation a special utility opens on the display that will launch the camera work.

If the webcam (other video equipment) installed / built in, but the computer cannot detect it, probably, it is necessary to update the software and download the driver for USB video devices. It should be noted that, sometimes after the update it is essential to reinstall the parameters of images (adjust the sharpness, color, and etc.), since the system cancels all previous settings.

List of USB Display Adapters

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