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Voltage jumps in power supplies and unexpected power outage the most common causes of data loss and malfunction in PC. To prevent such an occasion helps uninterruptible power supply (UPS) - an automatic device which ensures uninterrupted power supply connected to equipment. In order to interact the source effectively with PC, before utilizing it is necessary to download drivers for UPS.

All UPS on the market can be divided into 3 types, depending on the internal structure: Standby, Line-Interactive and On-Line.

Model of the Standby represent a surge protector with a battery and a voltage converter. When there is tension in the network, the computer is running directly from the mains, and recharge the UPS rectifier. In the case of a power surge or its an exception, in the device activates switch that turns on the inverter, which in turn begins to feed the PC from the battery.

Advantages of Standby models - reasonable price and the ability to provide additional power supply to equipment from three to twenty five minutes after power is removed. The main disadvantage of these solutions is an abrupt switching to battery power even at low voltage fluctuations, which shortens the life of device.

UPS type Line-Interactive (line interactive) is more effective in unstable networks. Their hardware uses automatic voltage controllers (AVR - automatic voltage control), which switch the PC on battery power in the event of a large surge when voltage deviations or sudden power outlet. Moreover, this type of device is perfect for a large number of users, if drivers for UPS are downloaded and the device are well tuned.

The third type of uninterruptible power supply is designed for professional use. At the heart of On-Line models, there are double power converter and the complex interaction scheme of the transformer, voltage rectifier and inverter. The main difference between On-Line UPS from the above two devices in a delay of a few milliseconds when switching from mains to battery. Since the PC is always connected to the inverter, when switching the power delay does not happen.

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