What We Love Most This Month


The BikeCharge Dynamo combines the natural exercise and transportation benefits of cycling with the power of a cell-phone charger. The Dynamo snaps onto your wheel spokes and connects to the BikeCharge Power Pack and BikeConsole, strapped to the bike?s neck and handlebars, respectively. By converting your pedaling into electric power, the charger refills your USB-connected phone while you dodge car doors and oblivious pedestrians. $129.99 ibikeconsole.com


If a run-of-the-mill fitness tracker just isn?t enough to keep up with your healthy lifestyle, give the GoBe a shot. The wrist-worn device calculates calorie intake, heart rate, and daily exertion level, and merges accelerometer data with heart rate info to calculate calorie burn and metabolic rate during athletic activities. The GoBe also provides stress and hydration levels, as well as sleep status, and you can track your vitals on a smartphone, tablet, or PC. $199.99 healbe.com


For most, a weekend camping trip is a time to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. But what if you could have your steak and check Facebook, too? The BioLite BaseCamp is every modern camper?s dream. Using only found branches and small pieces of firewood, the grill cooks dinner and charges your mobile devices at the same time. A high-flying fire and 30 minutes of charging time provide an average of 5 hours talk and video, and 20 hours of audio. $299.95 biolitestove.com


There?s no guarantee that just because you go fishing with all the right gear you?ll come home from the lake with dinner. But with the FishHunter, your chances will certainly increase. A military-grade portable fish-finding sonar, the floating device tracks fish 120 feet below the surface, then communicates with your smartphone from up to 80 feet away. The gadget calculates depth, temperature, and location of fish, and requires no underwater knowledge. $199 fishhunter.com

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