Smart Box Becomes smarter

cOupLe Of years ago, the flat panel smart TVs used to cost a bomb. At that time, Amkette had launched its Evo TV, a compact box that could add smart TV functionality to even a CRT TV.

Out of the blue. Upsets are the rule at THE DOTA 2 INTERNATIONAL 2014

There are no fixed narratives in sport. You can set up your returning champions and your underdog heroes but a tournament is always going to follow its own course.

LG Gx - the new 5,5-inch smartphone from LG

The Korean corporation LG announced release of new Android-smartphone LG Gx which is equipped with the 5,5-inch display with permission of 1920*1080 pixels. This device is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor and has 2 GB of random access memory, and also 32 GB a flash memory.

Samsung lets out the gamepad for Android-smartphones

The Samsung company pleased mobile gamers with news about release of own gamepad which received the plain name Smartphone GamePad and allows to turn smartphones of a line of Galaxy (and not only) into the portable game console.

KeyPal Pro - a charm for management of the smartphone

If you often have to get the smartphone only to make a number of simple actions, for example to include a dictophone, to change loudness or to include the following audiotrack, such small device, as KeyPal Pro - it that is necessary for you.

LG Chromebase - the desktop personal computer on the basis of ChromeOS

The Chrome OS operating system from Google is better known for use in portable computers which in honor of it and received the name chromebook, nevertheless the LG corporation decided to let out and the desktop personal computer of type everything is in - one, working under control of this OS.

Prestigio Mutlipad Visctone - a tablet with Windows 8.1

The brand of Prestigio is better known for the budgetary devices on the basis of Android, however now the company lets out the tablet of Visctone working under control of high-grade Windows 8.1 OS.

Omni 10 - a quad-core tablet with Windows 8.1 from HP

HP officially puts on the market a tablet of Omni 10 which became the first device using the quad-core Intel Atom Bay Trail processor. HP Omni 10 has the 10,1-inch display with 5-dot multi touch which permission makes 1920x1080 pixels, protected by means of Gorilla Glass 2.

The portable PowerPak Ultra STORAGE - 14000 mA/h in the strong case

If you have to travel much in the conditions of very far from comfortable, such accessory as the portable charger for mobile gadgets, a thing for you simply necessary, especially if it also has the strong protected case, as, for example, PowerPak Ultra from the NewTrent company.

The bent TVs from LG and Samsung

Not so long ago Samsung and LG corporations showed to the world not absolutely ordinary smartphones - with the bent displays, but as it appeared, on it their bent for to bending did not stop, and today ...

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