SRWare Iron. Chrome technology with data protection

Iron is based on the same programme code as Chrome. But unlike Google’s browser, it refrains from unambiguous user identification and does not forward the address bar entries to Google. Iron uses DuckDuckGo as the standard search engine, which processes search queries anonymously. You can obviously change the standard search (for example to Qwant).

The settings menus are similar to Chrome, so this would not be a problem for those making the switch. A practical feature of Iron is that it adopts your Chrome add-ons; you just need to activate them once. An ad blocker is already integrated in Iron. However, it occasionally shows hideous, albeit small, placeholder graphics instead of ad banners. Another thing that distinguishes it from Chrome is that Iron does not get updated automatically; you need to regularly look for software updates under “About Iron” in the settings menu.

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