Laptops for Students

The laptop market has become increasingly fractured over the last couple of years. Netbooks are on their way out, and Ultrabooks are more than a student needs, but picking the right system is still more difficult and confusing than at any other time.

Tablets for Students

If a device has a screen any less than 8", you'd think of it as a mini-tablet. These (generally 7") devices have been around for a couple of years now and have practically become the default size for tablets, which gives those looking to buy one a lot of choice.

Full size Tablets for students

Full-Size Tablets Any tablet 8" or larger can be considered a 'full size' device. Their size, cost and greater performance capabilities tends to mean that these tablets are bought instead of, rather than in addition to a notebook PC.

Student Security

One of the unfortunate realities of student life is that you're an easy target for criminals. With large numbers of people in close proximity, most of whom are carrying laptops, phones and tablets in easily snatchable rucksacks, the right student union can be a field day for the opportunistic thief.

9th Wonder Of Windows

What a setback for Microsoft. At this year’s developer conference Build, the most celebrated features were the Start menu that has made a comeback and the options of running modern apps in a window on the desktop ...

The New Tricks Of Hackers

Put your hand on your heart and say when was the last time you installed a firmware update on your printer or on your Voice-over-IP telephone? Very few users know that there are software updates for these devices as well.

The Seven Most Dangerous Hacker Tricks

Spear phishing is a specific form of phishing. In the past, phishing was primarily aimed at making masses of users fall into the trap. Spam mails were not personalised, but as general as possible.

Everyday new devices. Let's look closer

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